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    氧化钙 JYQ-S01

    作者:超级管理员    发布时间:2022-08-24 17:20:40     浏览次数 : 201

    产品编号 Product ID : JYQ - S01
    分子式 Chemical Formula: CaO
    分子量 Molecular Weight: 56.077
      CAS No. : 1305-78-8
      H.S. Code: 25221000
    高活性,高细度 Strong activity,Ultrafine particle
    Suitable for chemical synthesis, eg. rubber, plastics, adhesive, ceramics, PVC, refractory material, desiccant, calcium carbide, soda, bleaching powder, friction wafer and other fine chemicals.
    物理特性 Physical Characteristic
    Calcium oxide is an inorganic compound, its chemical normally called quick lime. It is white or grayish white powder with moisture absorption feature. It's density is about 3.35g/cm3, and the bulk density is about 1.80 g/cm3.
    化学指标 Chemical Specifications
    氧化钙 Calcium oxide CaO 93.0% ±1
    二氧化硅 Acid insoluble SiO2 0.20% max
    碳酸钙 Calcium carbonate CaCO3 3.50% max
    氧化铁 Iron Oxide Fe2O3 0.10% max
    氧化铝 Aluminum Oxide Al2O3 0.25% max
    氧化镁 Magnesium Oxide MgO 0.80% max
    高温失重 Loss on ignition L.O.I 4.00% max
    白度 Loss on ignition L.O.I 85 min
    细度 D90 Particle size 1000 Mesh Screen 12μm max

    储存注意事项 Storage note
    Attention to dust inhalation protection, and skin contact protection.
    It can only be stored in a dry, sealed warehouse with no contact with acidic substances and moisture.
    The above mentioned chemical has non-toxic, non polluting, alkaline corrosive and belong to eighth categories of dangerous goods

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